Tequila Revolucion

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  1. Tequila Revolucion Silver

    Tequila Revolucion Silver

    The aroma is full of delicate floral tones, with sweet citrus and a hint of caramel. Prior to its bottling, this distillate rests for up to three months in special containers to ensure a perfect blend of all its elements. 
    Ideal for sipping alone or mixed in a variety of tequila cocktails.

  2. Tequila Revolucion Reposado

    Tequila Revolucion Reposado

    In our Reposado, the clean, floral aromas from the Agave are masterfully complemented by hints of dried herbs, vanilla, almond, oak, honey, sweet melon and a touch of butterscotch taken from its 10‐month aging process.

    This tequila was created to be consumed in any way you please: neat, chilled or mixed.

  3. Tequila Revolucion Añejo

    Tequila Revolucion Añejo

    The Agave notes are neatly complemented with aromas obtained from its 18 month aging process in white oak barrels: caramel, butterscotch, honey, tobacco and even leather. No predominance of any note, this is a very rich and complex tequila with a smooth and luscious finish.

    Our Añejo mixes great and can be consumed on the rocks, but it is best enjoyed in a snifter.

  4. Tequila Revolucion Extra Añejo

    Tequila Revolucion Extra Añejo

    Aged for 36 months in American oak barrels, this tequila reflects a pleasant smoky characteristic along with sweet citrus notes that come with the long maturation and distillation process. When tasted, your palate inbodies the full rounded texture flavors of tobacco, nuts and spices that create an unparalleled experience to your senses. 
    Straight, in a tequila glass, at room temperature.


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